mitakuye oyasin

Certains m’ont demandé à quoi correspondait les mots « mitakuye oyasin » et  « cante witko »

Si Cante witko est très personnel, mitakuye oyasin renvoie à un poème du peuple sioux lakota qui traduit en anglais donne ce qui suit:

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin….

All my relations. I honor you in this circle of life with me today. I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in this prayer….

To the Creator, for the ultimate gift of life, I thank you.

To the mineral nation that has built and maintained my bones and all foundations of life experience, I thank you.

To the plant nation that sustains my organs and body and gives me healing herbs for sickness, I thank you.

To the animal nation that feeds me from your own flesh and offers your loyal companionship in this walk of life, I thank you.

To the human nation that shares my path as a soul upon the sacred wheel of Earthly life, I thank you.

To the Spirit nation that guides me invisibly through the ups and downs of life and for carrying the torch of light through the Ages, I thank you.

To the Four Winds of Change and Growth, I thank you.

You are all my relations, my relatives, without whom I would not live. We are in the circle of life together, co-existing, co-dependent, co-creating our destiny. One, not more important than the other. One nation evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and the one below. All of us a part of the Great Mystery.

Thank you for this Life.

et pour plus de précision sur le sens de ce poème , cliquez sur mitakuye oyasin

Avec une pensée affectueuse pour ce grand peuple aujourd’hui encore très maltraité au sein de la réserve de pine ridge

Cante Witko

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